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Dental Debt Solutions was created for you by a member of your community. We have carefully curated our partners’ with your best interest in mind. Always. That said, we are affiliate partners with the student loan refinance companies who we feature in our website, meaning we do receive financial compensation from them for each loan refinance that is successfully completed if you click through the links provided on the Dental Debt Solutions website.

As a part of our mission, we aim to provide you with a platform that encompasses all of the most popular student loan refinance companies that are best for your profession and exclusive promotions that will help guide and jumpstart your careers.

Our founder Dr. Kevin Walker graduated from dental school and became acutely aware of the difficulties of traversing the financial landscape so that he could optimize his payment plans and—somehow—work his way out from underneath his educational debt. He knows what it feels like to feel overwhelmed by the debt and unsure about what the next steps should be.

We deeply believe in what you are doing, dedicating yourself to the service of others, and our team wants to make sure that you have a partner in your corner.  At Dental Debt Solutions, we give you the most cashback bonus for refinancing your student loans through our website when compared to any other.  In fact, that is what his company is at heart, an effort to give back and help you.  You’re spending your life helping others, and we want to help you.

Not only do you get the most cashback bonus for refinancing through our website, we have also partnered with the most innovative and forward-thinking companies inside and outside of dentistry. 

Dr. Walker and his team curated exclusive promotions with dental goods/services/CE’s/lab credits/business classes and more worth up to $67,000¹!  Start your career with a leg up and guidance to the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the world inside and outside of dentistry. To name just a few, we have partnered with:

You should feel empowered to enter the healthcare field

As a team of dentists ourselves, we have grappled with the stress and overwhelm that comes with facing down a loan repayment schedule. Graduating dental or medical school with a seemingly insurmountable amount of debt can be enough to send anyone into a spiral. As such, Dental Debt Solutions is designed to connect you with the refinance companies that can offer you the most competitive interest rates, give you the most cashback bonus (almost double the nearest competitor), and grant you access to exclusive promotions with dental goods/services/CE’s/lab credits/business classes worth up to $67,000¹! Let’s be frank, you deserve it.

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Discounted and promotional goods and services worth up to $67,000 comes from our consumer goods partner companies and the details of the promotions can be found by clicking here