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Advertising Disclosure

Dental Debt Solutions was created for you by a member of your community. We have carefully curated our partners’ with your best interest in mind. Always. That said, we are affiliate partners with the student loan refinance companies who we feature in our website, meaning we do receive financial compensation from them for each loan refinance that is successfully completed if you click through the links provided on the Dental Debt Solutions website.

As a part of our mission, we aim to provide you with a platform that encompasses all of the most popular student loan refinance companies that are best for your profession and exclusive promotions that will help guide and jumpstart your careers.

Why should you refinance using the links on our website?

Dental Debt Solutions is committed to having the most competitive student loan refinance companies on one website and connecting you with the most innovative forward thinking companies within the dental world. By making important introductions to these top tier companies, it helps you jumpstart your private career as a dentist with streamlined connections and guidance.

By refinancing your student debt with one of our affiliate refinance company partners (completing the student loan refinance) after clicking on their advertising links via our website (ddsrefi.com), you will be eligible for our cashback bonus and exclusive promotional goods/services/CE’s/business classes worth up to $67,000¹ (see our complete partner list here). Why do we give such a large cashback bonus along with connecting you to the most innovative dental companies in the world? The answer is simple; because we truly believe you deserve it. You’ve committed your life—and buried yourself in debt—to help others, and it’s time you let someone help you at the beginning of your career.

Why “Google” for the lowest interest rates and largest cashback bonus when you can find them all right here at DDSReFi.com!

Dental Debt Solutions was created to give you more. As dental school graduates ourselves, we know what it feels like to be both excited about finally starting your life as a dentist and overwhelmed about how you’re ever going to free yourself from the debt you had to accumulate to get here. Of course, you can “Google” and read many blogs to find who has the lowest interest rates to refinance your student debt, but why? By googling, you will see a lot of advertisements, have to go to multiple websites, and ultimately get a smaller cashback bonus (sometimes less than half of what we offer).

When you refinance your student loans by first clicking on the bank lender links on our website, you will be eligible for our cashback bonus and our exclusive promotions. If you go directly to the same refinance company websites via google/etc (i.e. Laurel Road, Earnest, etc) by not clicking on their links from our website, you will not be eligible for our cashback bonus nor our exclusive promotions. We always explain to our colleagues that before they complete the student loan refinance process with one of our affiliate refinance companies, to first contact them to make sure “Dental Debt Solutions” is getting credit for the referral of your student loan refinance. Without Dental Debt Solutions getting credit for your referral, you will not be eligible for our cashback nor our exclusive promotions.

Our team is a part of the dentist community who have navigated this terrain alone, and in an effort to support our colleagues and its newest members, we have created a platform that is designed for your specific needs.

You deserve to get more back

You’ve taken on a lot of debt so that you can dedicate your career to helping people, and it’s high time someone steps in to help you in a way that wholly benefits your financial freedom. Dr. Walker’s team created a platform that allows you to shop around your debt with multiple lenders from his website, get an awesome interest rate, the most cashback bonus, and to set you up for success by giving you direct connections and exclusive promotional goods/services/CE’s/business classes worth up to $67,000¹. Dr. Walker’s team helps guide you to the most innovative and forward-thinking dental companies in the world that you are typically not privy to while in school. Whether you’re graduating soon or you’re gearing up to enter the workforce, Dental Debt Solutions intimately understands what you’re going through and wants to help!

Promotional Goods Disclosure
Discounted and promotional goods and services worth up to $67,000 comes from our consumer goods partner companies and the details of the promotions can be found by clicking here.