Terms and Conditions

Referral Cash Bonus

Similar to the regular cash bonus, the person that you refer to refinance their debt through the Dental Debt Solutions website must have closed a loan (refinanced their student debt) by clicking through our refinance companies links on our website DDSReFi.com.  

Once the individual you referred to Dental Debt Solutions has closed their loan through our affiliate links, you have 90 days to contact Dental Debt Solutions to verify the information that you are the person who referred that individual. All referral bonus requests past 90 days after the loan closes are considered void and non-payable.

After this information has been verified with the refinance company, Dental Debt Solutions will send you the referral cash bonus or luxury consumer goods that you are eligible for via our tiered bonus structure within 30 days after verification via Gifly.  

All cash bonuses are deemed taxable income because of the size and nature of the gift. Each individual will have to complete a W9 as you will receive a 1099-misc in an appropriate time frame that you are responsible for filing along with your taxes. Dental Debt Solutions will be filing this 1099-misc, legally informing the IRS of this cash transaction.